The only Independent National Connectivity Search Report.

Connectivity Search is the only independent national connectivity survey that provides both a report on what is available at a location and a comparison of connectivity between locations.


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Its really easy to discover what connectivity is available at a location.

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    Enter your email address and postcode and select the address.

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    We then go off and search for all the available connectivity at that location.

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Discover the Options

The first page of the report shows all the connectivity options discovered for the location, including the likely speeds available on the different types of services.

We then break the different connectivity types down, colour coding them to make it easy to see which types are available.

Then we calculate the Connectivity Search Index for the location and grade it on a scale of A+ through U.

You can then easily compare the connectivity options at multiple locations using the Index as a guide.


Get the detail you need to make the right decision

Consisting of 12+ pages, the Connectivity Search report supplies as much detail as possible about the potential available connectivity at a location.

We search a sample of providers to see which ones have services available in the area and determine the likely available speeds.

We also offer additional expert opinion and advice about options for improving the connectivity, and alternative methods of getting internet connectivity in those locations where superfast and ultrsfast broadband are unavailable.


Its important to check connectivity

Although its claimed that 93% of UK homes and businesses have access to Superfast broadband, in many locations – there can be a surprising number of poor Broadband availability areas, even in the middle of towns & cities.

17% premises in the UK’s rural areas don’t have access to a decent broadband service

Only 84% of small and medium-sized businesses have superfast broadband.

Every single home and business – no matter where it is located, has a need for good quality, high speed internet connectivity.

Our testimonials

We were looking to follow our dream and move to the countryside from the city - with the intention to work from home as much as possible. To do that we needed great broadband, and the connectivity search index helped us choose the most appropriate property with the right sort of connectivity.

Jo Grace
Media Professional

We needed to relocate our farm based business as we'd outgrown the current space. The reports let us check broadband availability in potential properties before we went to see them – saving us lots of time.

Dianne Smyth
Farm Business Manager

Good Wifi is an important aspect to all of our guests. We ran reports for all the holiday homes on our books to enable guests to compare the available connectivity in different locations.

Hugh Wimblestorm
Holiday Home Letting Agent

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